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Important Information About Covid-19 And Events At ANZ Stadium

The health and safety of all who visit and work at Stadium Australia is our No.1 priority.

We are closely monitoring NSW Health and Government guidelines and implementing recommendations as they are communicated.

We are also working closely with the sporting codes and clubs.

We advise patrons to keep abreast of the latest information and advice provided by NSW Health at the following website:

Is It Safe To Attend Stadium Australia?

The advice we have from NSW Health is that it is generally safe to go to events. If you are feeling unwell, have had known contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, and/or travelled overseas, you should not attend events and stay at home.

The health and safety of all who visit and work at the Stadium is our No.1 priority. We frequently sanitise contact surfaces (eg: food outlets) and our staff wash their hands frequently throughout their shifts. 

Will you have Hand Sanitisers at the Stadium?

The advice we have from NSW Health is that Soap & Water to wash our hands, followed by the use of a clean, dry Paper Towel is the preferred hygiene method.

Stadium Australia has hand-washing available in all toilet facilities around the venue.

Where patrons cannot easily access hand-washing facilities, Customer Service Staff will be available and able to provide Hand Sanitiser.

Patrons are advised to bring their own personal Hand Sanitiser. Customer Service Staff at the Stadium are equipped with Hand Sanitiser.

What steps have you taken at the Stadium to reduce risk of transmission?

  • Stadium Australia is working closely with NSW Health, the Sporting Codes and the Clubs to ensure every precaution is taken to reduce the risk of transmission at events.
  • Additional Cleaning Staff are on duty at the Stadium.
  • There has been and will be additional cleaning of high touch points around the Stadium, such as doors, elevator buttons and hand rails before, during and after events.
  • There are heightened health screening and hygiene protocols in place for staff and contractors.

What do I do if I am uncomfortable in my seat because someone is coughing or sneezing?

Seek the assistance of Customer Service staff at the ground. They are there to help you at all times.

What do I do if I start to feel unwell at the Stadium?

Please see Stadium staff for medical assistance.


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