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Parking at Accor Stadium

It is recommended you pre-book parking, especially if you are planning to drive and park on event days.

This should be done 7 to 10 working days in advance through Sydney Olympic Park.

On major event days, if you have not pre-booked your parking, we strongly recommend you do not drive as car parks may be full by the time you arrive.

Are you an RTA Mobility Parking Scheme permit holder?
Click here to pre-book your space with Sydney Olympic Park. To avoid a fine, remember to display your RTA permit.

Getting here by ride share or hire car?
You can get dropped off and picked up on Dawn Fraser Ave.

Traffic around Accor Stadium

Expect roads approaching Accor Stadium to be busier than usual on event days.

If you are planning to drive, allow additional travel time and ideally have pre-booked parking, especially on major event days.

For the latest traffic information check Live Traffic NSW or download a real-time traffic app.

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