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Jesus Loves Australia To Be Held At ANZ Stadium

  • The Jesus Loves Australia Launch Event is being held Saturday 1 December;
  • From 10am-10pm attendees will take part in shared prayer, gospel readings and sing-alongs with live entertainment;
  • If you are interested in joining this event go to the website here;



IT’S a simple idea; be kind and help others to grow a happy and loving society.  

On Saturday 1 December Stadium Australia will welcome thousands of Australian Christians from a range of different churches.

Jesus Loves Australia is an organisation created from the belief that unity and a shared vision among Australia’s Christian community can impact positively on society.

“It’s a dark time for our Nation,” Evangelist and Jesus Love Australia Founder Shane Degen said.

“You only have to turn on the news for five minutes to see all the horrible things that are happening here and abroad.

“We want to make Australia a better place for everyone, and believe coming together and praying to God is the best way to do that.”

The Jesus Loves Australia Launch Event at Stadium Australia is a free to enter day of prayer, gospel and celebration.

From 10am-10pm attendees will take part in group prayer with church leaders from across Sydney, listen to keynote speakers from around the world, and join in jubilant songs with a bands from members of Sydney’s Christian community.

At 4pm people will be split into groups, and head throughout Sydney to perform random acts of kindness to give back to the local community.

“We call it Loving Sydney to Life,” he said.

“Mowing lawns, helping people carry groceries, offering lifts, anything we can do to spread joy and happiness.”

“We want the Body of Christ to come together, pray together and love Sydney together.”

Founded in November 2017, Jesus Loves Australia is driven to create a special event for all Christians, no matter what sectors of the Church they come from, and work as one.

“Any given Sunday there are four to five hundred thousand Christians worshiping in their own small churches,” he said.

“On the surface Jesus Loves Australia wants to bring everyone together for a Christian event.

“But at the heart of our organisation we want to see our nation become a better place.”

The conference joins a varied list of community events that are held at Stadium Australia, including the annual Boishakhi Mela, the largest Bengali New Year celebration outside of Bangladesh.  

Jesus Loves Australia is a non-ticketed event. If you’re interested in attending you can head to their website to register or donate.

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