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Al Aseel Brings Authentic Lebanese Flavours to Accor Stadium

Al Aseel, Sydney’s beloved Lebanese restaurant group, is set to make its debut in a stadium setting with the launch of its newest location at Accor Stadium on Thursday, May 23rd. The 300-seat restaurant marks a significant milestone for the award-winning restaurant brand, renowned for its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and generational recipes.

With a large-scale catering operation servicing corporate spaces and airlines, alongside wholesale and retail elements, Al Aseel has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Greenacre in 2002. What started as a modest eatery with plastic chairs and basic tables has transformed into a truly modern dining experience, offering a taste of traditional Lebanese flavours in a contemporary setting.

“Establishing Al Aseel at Accor Stadium is a significant milestone for the entire team,” says Georges Badr, Al Aseel’s Group General Manager. “This new location marks an exciting chapter for our brand, allowing us to share our generational recipes and vibrant dining experience with a much wider audience. Whether it’s a sporting event, concert, or any other occasion, we look forward to elevating the stadium experience for guests by offering a taste of our rich culinary heritage.”

At the heart of Al Aseel’s success lies a commitment to preserving time-honoured recipes passed down through generations. Group Executive Chef’s vision for the Accor Stadium menu is to offer their signature banquet, “The Feast,” featuring a selection of salads, cold and hot mezza dishes and skewers from the grill.

“Our recipes have been passed down through generations, and our chefs have curated a menu using locally sourced produce and quality ingredients,” Badr adds. “Our production kitchen services Al Aseel restaurants, airlines, catering, and food service clients, ensuring consistency and quality across all our offerings.”

With its rich flavours, vibrant atmosphere, and commitment to authenticity, Al Aseel’s new restaurant at Accor Stadium promises to elevate the stadium dining experience, offering a taste of Lebanon in the heart of Sydney.

Al Aseel at Accor Stadium is located at the Southern end of the Members area on Level 2.

Conditions of entry apply, and the restaurant is only open for Stadium Members and their guests on all event days, and on NRL Premiership regular season match days for home team members.

Bookings can be made for event days by visiting

About Al Aseel:
Al Aseel is an award-winning Lebanese restaurant group with multiple locations across Sydney, including Alexandria, Bankstown, Castle Hill, Greenacre, Parramatta, and Penrith. With a focus on authentic Middle Eastern cuisine and generational recipes, Al Aseel has evolved from a modest eatery to a modern dining experience, offering catering services, wholesale, and retail elements alongside its renowned restaurants.

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