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Transport For NSW and ANZ Stadium Extend Road Safety Partnership

TRANSPORT for NSW and Stadium Australia have extended their partnership to promote the NSW Government’s Towards Zero and Plan B road safety campaigns.

Centre for Road Safety Executive Director Bernard Carlon was joined by Stadium Australia General Manager Sales and Sponsorship Shane Stoddard, who encouraged fans to think about the lives lost on NSW roads and the important role each of us can play reducing the number of fatalities. 

Mr Carlon said the partnership will ensure Plan B signage continues to be displayed prominently at key locations throughout the Stadium concourse, reminding people to have a Plan B if they are enjoying a few drinks at a game.

“Our partnership is particularly valuable as it helps us to communicate with the 1.5 million fans that descend on Stadium Australia each year for some of the country’s biggest events,” Mr Carlon said.

“Sporting partnerships are particularly effective in helping us talk to young males, who are over-represented in fatalities and serious injuries on NSW roads.” 

Launched in May, the Towards Zero campaign asks the people of NSW to start a conversation about how many road deaths are acceptable and how all road users must take responsibility for their actions. 

“Road fatalities aren’t simply a number represented in an annual toll. They are someone’s parent, child, brother, sister, friend or work colleague,” Mr Carlon said. 

A giant billboard promoting the Towards Zero campaign has today been unveiled at Stadium Australia – in time for blockbuster events such as the Bledisloe Cup Test, College Football Sydney Cup and the NRL Grand Final.

Mr Stoddard said The Plan B drink driving campaign says you can still have a few drinks on a night out but that you need to plan your way home – your Plan B – beforehand.

“Most young Australian men are enthusiastic followers of sport so we feel a responsibility to be part of the Plan B and Towards Zero campaigns and to help spread the message.  

“Stadium Australia is well-serviced by Sydney trains to and from Olympic Park Station, and by buses to all corners of Sydney.

“We always encourage fans to travel smart to the Stadium by using public transport. This is often made easy for major events when integrated transport initiatives regularly ensure every fan’s ticket doubles as a train, ferry and bus ticket.

“If you catch public transport to the game, you immediately have your Plan B if you wish to have a few drinks on the night.”

The Towards Zero and Plan B signage will remain in place throughout the NRL Premiership and Final series, Bledisloe Cup, College Football Sydney Cup, and Monster Jam event, as well as the 2017 State of Origin game. Signs featuring promotional messages will also be on display at Jubilee and Brookvale Ovals.

The partnership with Stadium Australia supports the NSW Government’s priority to build safer communities by improving road user behaviour, with the goal of a 30 per cent reduction in road fatalities by 2021.

Image credit: NSW Centre for Road Safety Executive Director Bernard Carlon, Stadium Australia General Manager Sales & Sponsorship Shane Stoddard with Towards Zero signage.

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