• First Aid

Medical and first aid staff are on-site for all Stadium Australia events. Stadium Australia is also equipped with a number of First Aid Rooms at the following locations:

  • Between Aisles 133 and 138
  • Between Aisles 145 and 104
  • Between Aisles 110 and 115
  • Between Aisles 122 and 127
 level 2
  • In the North West corner by the Members' Lounge
  • In the South East corner off the Boulevard Gallery
  • In the North West corner of the Members' Lounge
  • In the North East end of the Boulevard Lounge
level 6
  • Along the concourse by the escalators in the West and East grandstands

Should you find a First Aid Room is closed, please approach your closest Customer Service or Security staff member for assistance.

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