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Gold Membership “EasyPay” Monthly Payment Plan – Standard Terms and Conditions

Gold Members (or you/your) who have elected the “EasyPay” monthly payment plan option, are authorising VenuesLive Management Services (NSW) Pty Ltd and/or Venues NSW on behalf of Stadium Australia Club Ltd (“Club” or we/us/our) to deduct your annual Gold Membership Subscription, applicable under the “EasyPay” option (the “EasyPay” Annual Subscription”), on the terms and conditions set out below. All Gold Members who provide this authorisation agree to and are bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. The “EasyPay” Subscription for 2024 will be paid in monthly instalments, to be deducted on the first day of each month. For the avoidance of doubt once a Gold Member has elected the “EasyPay” option, the Gold Member is liable to pay the full “EasyPay” Annual Subscription via monthly instalments in that year, unless cancelled in accordance with clause 10 below.
  2. By selecting the “EasyPay” option and providing us with your relevant credit/debit card details, you are warranting to us that you have the authority to do so and that the information you provide is up-to-date, accurate and complete.
  3. If we accept the credit/debit card details you provide, you will immediately notify us of any change in details, the expiry date or account holder of the credit/debit card.
  4. Your Gold Membership will become “Financial” on the payment of the first monthly instalment and all privileges, benefits and rights of your Gold Membership will apply.
  5. Should your credit/debit card decline a deduction for a monthly instalment payment, Member Services will contact you via email and SMS to remind you that payment is due.
  6. Should the monthly instalment remain unpaid 5 business days after the first day of the month, the Gold Membership will become “Unfinancial” and all privileges, benefits or rights conferred on the Gold Member will be suspended, until such time as the monthly instalment(s) is/are paid in full. It is your responsibility to contact Member Services to make alternative payment arrangements (i.e. provide new credit/debit card details).
  7. Monthly payment dates are non-negotiable and Member Services will not enter into further discussions to alter these dates.
  8. A $10 administration fee will apply to re-instate your membership privileges, at the time that the late monthly instalment payment/s is/are successfully processed.
  9. Should a Gold Member fail to make an instalment payment when due, and payment has not been received in accordance with clause 6, the balance of the “EasyPay” Annual Subscription will become immediately due and payable and will be pursued by the Club.
  10. Where an Unfinancial Gold Member, who has elected the “EasyPay” option, has not yet paid all the monthly instalments due as at 1 July of that year, the Gold Member may have their Gold Membership cancelled by the directors of the Club at their discretion, in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.
  11. Your “Easy Pay” authority will remain in force, unless you provide notice to the Club cancelling your authority. In order to cancel your “EasyPay” authority, the Gold Member must advise Membership Services in writing. If you cancel your “EasyPay” authority, we will immediately deduct the balance of the “EasyPay” Annual Subscription owing to the Club at the date of cancellation.
  12. For the 2024 “EasyPay” Annual Subscription (and subsequent years thereafter) – you agree that the Club will continue deducting instalments (at the increased monthly amount) from 1 January 2024 (and subsequent years thereafter), subject to: a.) The Club advising Gold Members (via a letter) of the increase in the monthly instalment, in November 2024 (and subsequent years thereafter), and b.) Your right to cancel the “EasyPay” authority for monthly instalment payments at any time, by providing notice to the Club (in accordance with clause 10 above) prior to 31 December each year. If no notice is provided, you will be charged the new monthly instalment commencing 1 January and will be liable to pay the full “EasyPay” Annual Subscription for that year.
  13. You must promptly notify us if you believe there is any error in an amount deducted by the Club for a monthly instalment payment. We will investigate the matter and advise you of the outcome.
  14. You agree that the Club (its officers, employees and agents) are not liable for any errors made by your credit/debit card provider in processing any payments including any loss you incur due to these errors. You agree that our liability to you is limited to refunding to you any amounts wrongly deducted by us. We will request the credit/debit card provider to deduct the correct amount from your account, where the Club is in error.
  15. Where a Gold Member wishes to transfer their Membership to another person in accordance with the Club’s Constitution, the Gold Member will be required to pay the balance of the 2023 “EasyPay” Subscription, prior to the time of the transfer.
  16. The Club will collect your personal credit/debit card and contact details for the purposes of processing payments of subscriptions in accordance with Stadium Australia’s Privacy Policy (see Your personal credit/debit card details will be shared with our third-party payment processor in order to process the payment of each monthly instalment.
  17. These terms and conditions are current as of November 2023, and are subject to amendment at any time.

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