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The Stadium Australia design is completely unique. Entire sections of the seats move, allowing the stadium to change shape in a matter of hours from a rectangular playing field to an oval ground. This dynamic design allows Stadium Australia to host a world record number of professional sports: rugby league, rugby union, AFL, soccer and cricket. This flexibility also helps make the Stadium Australia the first choice for the world’s biggest entertainment acts like U2, The Rolling Stones and AC/DC.

The Roof

A key design feature of the Stadium is the translucent, saddle-shaped roof. The roof has been developed to suit Australian conditions by allowing maximum natural light during daytime events for player and spectator visibility.

The polycarbonate roof slopes down, thereby enhancing the atmosphere and optimising the venue’s acoustics, while at the same time providing effective sun and rain protection for spectators. The roof also reduces glare and shadow on the field, ensuring ideal conditions for daytime TV broadcasts.

Suspended from a huge arch structure and measuring three hectares in area, the roof is made of giant 10 x 10 metre square polycarbonate ‘tiles’ separated by a series of stainless steel drainage gutters. The entire structure is contained in a framework made of materials flexible enough to cope with the changing shape of the roof plane and the expansion of the polycarbonate in hot sunlight.

Stadium Australia is one of the few stadia in the world which effectively shades and protects most spectators without creating the claustrophobic feel of a fully enclosed dome. At the same time, the Stadium’s unique design provides an environment for optimal turf growth.

The Green Stadium

The Stadium is a demonstration of ecological responsibility, with a design based around state of the art environmental features:

Passive ventilation, that is ventilation without any mechanical devices, has been integrated into the design of the Stadium. By minimising the extent of air-conditioning provided, valuable energy is conserved.

The need for artificial lighting has been reduced as the design of the Stadium allows maximum intake of daylight through specially constructed light voids.

Rainwater is collected from the Stadium roof and stored in four large tanks for irrigation of the pitch. Recycled water is utilised for the flushing of toilets and water saving devices are provided throughout the Stadium. These devices minimise the consumption of excessive amounts of potable water.

The Stadium design has minimised the use of PVC and all building materials are subject to Life Cycle Assessments.

Environmentally friendly gas fired co-generators serve as a backup to the main supply of electricity. This maximises the use of renewable energy resources.

Seating areas at Stadium Australia have been designed with spectator comfort and convenience in mind – and to offer our customers an outstanding view of the action.

State-of-the-art ergonomically designed seating provides a high level of spectator comfort, incorporating a ‘tip-up’ feature to ensure easy access. Two giant video screens enhance the viewing experience by offering instant action replays, game scores and entertainment.

Stadium Amenities

Each seating tier at the Stadium has its own enclosed concourse with food, beverage, merchandise and toilet facilities, providing spectators with ease of access from their seating area.

Additional television monitors (about 700 in total) are provided throughout the Stadium and the information infrastructure is in place to accommodate additional features in the future such as an in-house media service and touch screen services.

Stadium Australia also boasts corporate hospitality facilities, exclusive club member areas, in addition to bars, restaurants, banquet and function room areas available for public use or hire.


Stadium Australia provides television and radio media facilities which are both spacious and ideally located for Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Football and Soccer (Level 3, Members' Stand). These facilities have been developed in consultation with media groups.

Cricket – Future development of Media Facility at the North End of the Stadium

Located on Level 2 Members' Stand, the press box facility offers enclosed seating in a prime location for written press to report on events as they happen.

athlete, player & support facilities

Stadium Australia provides some of the world’s finest athlete and performer support facilities which are generously sized and comfortable. Players’ facilities were developed in consultation with all the major football codes to ensure they provide optimal comfort for all.

Stadium Australia has also taken advantage of the latest turf technology to ensure an ideal, all-weather playing surface year round.

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