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Fans Win With All-New Food And Beverage Prices At ANZ Stadium

  • Fans will pay less than $5 for six footy fare favourites at Stadium Australia from this Saturday (1 June);
  • The Stadium will introduce all-new food and beverage prices at sporting events this year, including State of Origin and NRL Grand Final;
  • The new prices are 15% to 20% lower and are in response to feedback provided by the 1.5 million fans who passed through our turnstiles for events last year;
  • The new footy fare pricing is in line with the food and beverage offerings that have proved so popular at the new Bankwest Stadium in Western Sydney.

A DAY or night at the footy will be more affordable than at any time in almost a decade following the introduction of all-new food and beverage prices at Stadium Australia, Sydney’s home of major events.

Stadium Australia CEO Daryl Kerry said today that food and beverage prices would be 15% to 20% lower than normal in the public areas of the Stadium.

Mr Kerry said his team had been working closely with Venues NSW, the government agency that owns the venue, and the sporting clubs that use it to ensure fans get better value for money when they enjoy food and beverages at Stadium Australia.

“Our aim is to make a day or night at the footy more affordable for the fans, and especially families,” Mr Kerry said. “We are confident fans will feel they are getting better value for their food and beverage purchases at Stadium Australia.

“The Stadium team is committed to doing all we can, in conjunction with the codes and the clubs, to encourage people to leave their lounge rooms and get out to the footy.

“The NSW Government – and especially Venues NSW – should be congratulated for their commitment not only to rebuild the State’s stadia network but also to make it more affordable for fans to enjoy the live sport and entertainment experience.”

Fans will pay less than $5 for the following six footy fare favourites at Stadium Australia from this Saturday:

  • Vili’s beef pie (160g): $4.90
  • Classic hot dog: $4.90
  • Regular hot chips (340g): $4.90
  • Vili’s sausage roll (110g): $4.50
  • Coca-Cola original (600ml): $4.90
  • Mount Franklin water (600ml): $4.30

All-new and reduced beer prices will also be introduced at Stadium Australia, with the following prices in play from this Saturday:

  • Light beer – $6.50
  • Australian lager – $7.20
  • Imported beer – $8.50

*Mid-strength beer served in the public areas.

These all-new food and beverage prices are comparable to Stadium prices in 2011, and are generally lower than at other major stadiums around the country. They are in line with the food and beverage prices that have proved so popular at Bankwest Stadium, another venue in the Venues NSW portfolio.

Mr Kerry said families and fans would also still be able to bring their own food and non-alcoholic, non-glass bottled drinks from home to Stadium Australia.

Stadium Australia General Manager of Catering, Andreas Breitfuss, said the Stadium’s 27 permanent food outlets, 59 bars and 15 tea & coffee kiosks in the public areas would continue to carry all the food favourites that fans enjoy at the footy.

He said a new range of food and beverage items would soon be introduced at the Stadium, reflecting the diversity of Greater Sydney and the changing tastes of consumers across NSW.

“We are improving and diversifying our range of food options while recognising the fact a lot of people still like to enjoy footy favourites like a pie and beer when they come to watch their favourite team in action,” Mr Breitfuss said.

The all-new food and beverage pricing at Stadium Australia is complemented by integrated train travel in the cost of all tickets and home Club Memberships to regular-season NRL games at Stadium Australia. Fans with a valid ticket or home Club Membership do not pay for train travel to and from Stadium Australia.

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