• People with a disability

At Accor Stadium we strive to deliver quality experiences for people of all abilities, which includes providing the following facilities for people with a disability:

  • Reserved seating areas for wheelchair users, with sightlines especially designed for prime viewing - if you have special seating requirements, such as wheelchair access or require companion seating, please select the 'special access seating' option when purchasing tickets online or you can contact the Ticketek Accessible Bookings Team on 1300 665 915;

  • Lifts to all levels, with controls in easy reach for wheelchair users;

  • Audio signals;

  • Tactile signage;

  • Tactile floor tiles which assist in informing people with a vision impairment of the position of stairs, ramps, escalators and lift entrances; and

  • Accessible parking within Sydney Olympic Park can be pre-booked by clicking here or calling 1300 665 915. This should be done at least seven working days in advance to allow for delivery. Remember to display your RTA permit when parking.
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